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13 Trending Courses on Facility & Property Management in 2021: (Property Managers Edition)

Upgrade your property management skills with these top 13 offline and online accredited programs to choose from

14 videos to watch to become a procurement expert – Video Compilation

14 must-watch video listicles to help unpack procurement management and planning strategies to help an organisation reduce time and save money.
Contractors and managers executing the procurement process

16 Reasons Why Investing In eProcurement Is necessary Post Pandemic

E-procurement is becoming more popular. Is it worth it to invest in e-procurement? Here are 16 benefits of e-procurement that will help you decide!
Hands stacked up to symbolise team collaboration

Why the relationship between Managing Agents, Facility Management Companies and MCSTs must be protected (CoVid Special)

Why protecting Managing Agents (MAs) and Facility Management Companies (FMCs) during Covid-19 is key to the success of the real estate ecosystem.
Property manager procuring for real estate services

The difference between Purchasing and Procurement Processes

Understanding the difference between Purchasing and procurement processes in 2020 + insight into the latest e-procurement tool within the real estate scene.
The Comprehensive Real Estate Glossary: 1209 Terms and Definition for Property Professionals – 2020 Edition

Real Estate Glossary: 1209 Property Terms and Definition – 2020 Edition

Glossary for real estate professionals to understand the definitions of different terms used in the real estate field and be the next real estate guru.
Get your FREE procurement toolkit template here.

Here’s everything you need to help you plan an efficient procurement process. The following templates are available for download:

  • Impact Map
  • Partnership Canvas Map
  • Procurement Model Map

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