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From factories, warehouses to industrial facilities, manage your procurement, sourcing, repairs and maintenance in a single platform.

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Our Solutions For Industrial Partners

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From sourcing packaging materials to servicing hydraulic forklift equipment, create purchases and manage all your procurement needs centrally online. Reach out to a large ecosystem of vendors to get fast replies and competitive prices.

Tender Types

Work Orders

Issue work orders and create purchase orders for direct collaboration with a preferred vendor. Automate the direct sourcing process from start to finish, with automated records of all your purchases and payments.

Tender Management

From RFQs for PPE gear to full-scale tenders for heavy-duty manufacturing machineries, save time when you create and manage multiple tenders through a centralised repository. Find the best value and save time with bid comparison tools, negotiate contracts and award tenders electronically with e-tenders.

Vendor Management

Minimise supply chain risks through our robust network of vendors. Automate your vendor management through customised industrial vendor categories, vendor selection criteria and dedicated vendor interactions. Save costs while automating service delivery.

Contract Management

Document, organize, track and retrieve your vendor and leasing agreement contracts with supporting documentation such as product images and warranty information. Automate contract renewals with expiry alerts.

Request Management

Whether you are collaborating with internal or external stakeholders, document all requests through one request portal. From requests for routine engineering maintenance work to licencing compliance audits, project manage all service request management using our workflow automation tool.

Inventory Management

Consolidate your inventory history, track stock levels and and manage stock updates via an inventory dashboard. Facilitate collaboration between sales and production managers by triggering procurement and order functions across multiple factory and warehouse locations and throughout an enterprise.

Invoice Management

Ensure timely payments with centralised invoice management. Validate, track and pay supplier invoices online. Streamline and automate your invoice processing management with your tendering processes.

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