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Why Brands are investing in DOOH?

Here are some reasons why Brands choose our DOOH advertising solution instead of other platforms:

Dynamic Content

Allows for creative flexibility with ad content, ranging from static images to engaging videos and more.

Quick Turnaround

Increase sales quicker with faster-than-average time-to-market for all of your marketing and sales campaigns.

Location Targeting

Reach consumers based on locations: by district, precinct or even screen placements. 

Captive Audience Environment

Our eScreens are placed in strategic locations that reach audiences effectively.

Repeated Exposure

Ensure high ad recall as we deliver your ads 12 times an hour, for 18 hours a day, over 7 days a week.

Effective Brand Recall

High frequency ad exposure + a captive audience environment = successful brand recall achieved.

Reach a premium audience the affordable
and effective way.

Our Captive Audience Environment


We welcome brands from any industry:

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions asked about our eScreens:

We support dynamic content which includes media formats like JPEG, to MP4, all are acceptable.

Apart from the amazing benefits of DOOH advertising, our eScreens are also hosted within a captive audience environment where premium condo audiences reside – minimal ad avoidance at an affordable rate, it can’t get any better than that.

Our fast-growing eScreens coverage spans across all regions of Singapore, within condominiums of all sizes – apartments with over 600 units to those with only 50 units. We are also quickly expanding into commercial as well as hawker spaces too! Speak to our sales personnel to preview our full list of coverage.

We offer one of the most uncomplicated and competitive rates in town. Pay for all our screens based on the duration you’d like. For a more customised or corporate package, please speak to our sales personnel for more information.

For content fillers, please contact us at For actual ads, we do have a 7 day rate that allows advertisers to test it out before committing to a longer plan.

We welcome all types of ad content as long as they abide by the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore’s (ASAS) regulations.    Ads that fall into any of the category below are forbidden:

– Violence (depiction and promotion) 

– Arms and the trade-in arms 

– Drugs/drug culture 

– Nudity, nude pictures and lifestyle 

– Adult material 

– Sexual acts, pornography 

– Sites of a militant/extremist nature  – Sites offering pirated/illegal material for download 

– Offensive 

– Expressing political opinions 

– Against the Singapore system or government 

– Obstructions of any laws or any other rules applicable to display content or information to the public 

Please submit an order to An invoice will then be prepared for you to issue payment.

We will include photo proof of your ad in actual locations. For those with QR codes, you can track attribution directly from its stats.

Yes, in fact the use of QR codes in all of your advertising campaigns is encouraged to increase interaction and track engagements. It is great for lead generation too!

We have various promotional rates for varied packages. Outside of our promotional packages, residents wishing to advertise at the estate they are living in will get to enjoy *15% off the advertisement fee for that particular condo. *Proof of ID will be needed to redeem the discount. (ID documents with your name and address, official documents, utility bills will suffice).   

Payment should be made in full.

The smallest ad package we offer is a weekly subscription for just one estate. Contact our sales agent to negotiate suitable payment options today! 

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