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Why Brands are investing in DOOH?

Here are some reasons why Brands choose our DOOH advertising solution instead of other platforms

Dynamic Content

Allows for creative flexibility with ad content, ranging from static images to engaging videos and more.

Quick Turnaround

Increase sales quicker with faster-than-average time-to-market for all of your marketing and sales campaigns.

Location Targeting

Reach consumers based on locations by district, precinct or even screen placements.

Captive Audience Environment

Our eScreens are placed in strategic locations that reach audiences effectively.

Repeated Exposure

Ensure high ad recall as we deliver your ads 12 times an hour, for 18 hours a day, over 7 days a week.

Effective Brand Recall

High frequency ad exposure + a captive audience environment = successful brand recall achieved.

Reach a premium audience the affordableand effective way.

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Our Captive Audience Environment

We welcome brands from any industry

 F&B outlets – restaurants, eateries
 Healthcare and medical products & services
 Large retail stores run promotions for consumers
 Government agencies – public announcements, educational information
 Property agents
 Job listings
 Maid agencies
 Household services - Cleaning services, caretakers
 Trade professionals - Interior design

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Why Brands are investing in DOOH?