Tender Management

Streamline and automate your tender creation process and leave no room for unwanted errors.

At Really, we are committed to shorten the gap between quote and contract.

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Control Timelines

Stay up to date on the timeline of your tenders through prompt reminders and alerts.

Seamlessly Virtual

We help to digitalise processes, vastly reducing the manual administration needed.

Effective Communication

Improve the quality of work done with our platform’s ability to recommend what is best for you.

Simple and Effective

With the organised virtual solution, anyone can pick up where they left off. 

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Key Tender Management Features

Bids Comparison

Review quotations easily and efficiently so that your team can find the best option out there.


Communicate your preference to the people who matter in the decision-making.

Sample of Awarding Feature


Assign projects to your chosen vendor quickly and efficiently. You can change your mind if you’d like to.



You have the freedom to allow vendors to edit their quotations before awarding the contract. 

Tender Clarification

Tender Clarification

Communicate with your vendor to understand their goods and services better.

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