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From restaurants, cafés, catering businesses to fast-food joints, manage your procurement, sourcing, vendors and project workflows in one single platform. 

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Our Solutions For F&B Partners

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From sourcing kitchen towels to gas range stove installation, create purchases and manage all your procurement needs centrally online. Reach out to a large ecosystem of vendors for fast replies and competitive prices.

Tender Types

Work Orders

Issue direct work orders to a preferred food vendor and digitally automate the direct sourcing process from start to finish – all online. Place direct POs with trusted vendors and save time, money and minimize administrative burdens. 

Tender Management

From small quotes for cutlery to full-scale tenders for kitchen fit outs, save time and resources when you create and manage multiple tenders through a centralised repository. Electronic tender management digitises your procurement processes, automating negotiation, approval and tender awards electronically.


Vendor Management

Automate your F&B vendor management through customized vendor categories, vendor selection criterias and dedicated vendor interactions. Unify all your vendors on one platform and digitise your vendor management interactions. Save costs and automate service delivery.

Contract Management

From supplier contracts for fresh produce to equipment leasing contracts, keep track of countless contract obligations to enhance compliance and optimise spend controls with contract expiry reminders. 

Request Management

Need to do a stock take of your inventory? Share your requests with your team! Be notified every step of the way through workflow-driven request management and always remain in the know of request statuses using our request management tool. 

Inventory Management

The stock-out occurrence can be the bane of F&B operations. Monitor and manage inventory levels to trigger procurement and order functions across all your outlet locations.  Keep a record of all inventory value, internal stakeholders, and supporting documentation.

Invoice Management

Minimise error with a centralized billing system. Validate, track and pay supplier invoices online. Streamline and automate your invoice processing management by linking it with your procurement process workflow and online e-payment capbilities.

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