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From individual retail chains with many outlet to commercial malls, manage all your locations, spaces and projects in one single platform.

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Our Solutions For Retail Partners

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From sourcing glass displays to electrical services, maintain all your store procurement needs centrally online. Access a large ecosystem of vendors to purchase products and services at competitive prices.

Tender Types

Work Orders

From stock replenishment to direct sourcing for general maintainence, issue direct work orders to your preferred suppliers. Save time and money by automating the entire direct sourcing process online and maintain the smooth running of your retail chains.

Supplier Management

Create and manage multiple tenders using standardised tender and bid forms that enable competitive bid analysis for the best price and qualifications for your unique retail needs. Save time, negotiate contracts, automate approvals and award tenders electronically with E-tenders.

Contract Management

Document, organize, track and retrieve all your contracts from your vendors and suppliers for your retail operations. Add supporting documentation and images, and never miss contract renewals with auomtated expiry alerts.

Vendor Management

Unify all your vendors on one platform for improved expense control and performance insight. Automate your vendor management through vendor selection criteria and dedicated vendor interactions. Choose from a wide list of vendor categories that apply to your retail chain operations to customise the profile of your vendors.

Request Management

Streamline and automate a systematic handling of service requests related to your business operations, for both external and internal stakeholders. Project manage request management using our workflow automation tool.

Inventory Management

Using a cloud-based system, conveniently track and trace all your varying inventory stock supply levels across locations to exercise budget controls on categories with excess supply levels.

Invoice Management

Validate, track and pay vendor invoices online for all contracts within your business. Create a consistent view of all transactions by automating invoice processsing management together with your procurement processes.

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Speak directly to your customers and enrich their in-store experience all through one screen. Any message, any place, any time, communication is always at your fingertips!


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  • Promotional messages 
  • Interactive QR codes 
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